Improved Backflow Protector!!!

Spectra Singapore

Comparison of NEW Launch Backflow Protector to OLD Backflow Protector  Please purchase the OLD Backflow Protector and Membrane from Spectra Singapore. NEW Backflow Protector is available in most retailers and in the new batch of pumps. NEW Launch Backflow Protector  Backflow Protector Cover is encase by the Backflow Protector Membrane so there is no possibility of milk crossing the membrane to cause backflow. Backflow Protector Cover caps on the membrane to ensure a secure fit. OLD Backflow Protector The Backflow Protector Membrane sit on the Backflow Protector so there may be a possibility of backflow due to the gap at the...

New T-Connector

Spectra Singapore

Comparison of NEW T-Connector with OLD T-Connector Please note that the new T-Connector is not readily available yet. The new T-Connector is mainly included in new batches of M1. NEW T-Connector Do not have to pull out the connector when performing single pumping. Cover is provided to cover up the other side of the nozzle, making it easy to switch between single and double pumping. Secure No short tubing is required. OLD T-Connector Have to pull out the connector when performing single pump. Easily drop out. Tend to turn yellowish internally after some time.