Local Authorized Retailers & Partners

Our authorized local warranty breastpumps and accessories are ONLY available in the websites and companies listed below.

Please check with us before you purchase from a retailer/baby fair not listed below and claim to be selling authorized local warranty breastpumps or accessories.

All breastpumps or accessories sold are the latest batch shipped by the manufacturer. DO NOT BELIEVE in retailers who claim that their breastpumps or accessories are the latest. The reason why they are different or we do not sell them, is mainly because they are not manufactured for Singapore market, not because they are new.

Our Spectra Service Center strictly do not service nor repair non local warranty sets. 

Check out the differences between Parallel Import and Local Warranty Sets here.

Spectra Sole Authorized Singapore Distributor and Service Center:

  • bingbling pte ltd

1) Exclusive Baby Fair Organizer

2) Our Marketplace Stores

3) Online Retailers

4) Retail Stores

5) Our Partners

  • Confinement Angels
  • Noble Wealth Group

6) Sample Pumps Available in

  • Dr Wong Boi Boi ParentCraft Centre
  • Madam Partum
  • Mount Alvernia - ParentCraft Centre
  • Mount E Novena - ParentCraft Centre
  • Mummys Market Showroom
  • Thomson Medical Centre Ltd - Parentcraft Centre